​​​​​​Tomorrow's Wishes  

Tomorrow's Wishes Photography

Photography has always been a way for me to express myself and permanently capture the world around me. What started out as a hobby many years ago grew into a passion that consumes me. I go through life capturing those tiny everyday moments; from a beautiful flower, to the face of a child enjoying a summer day, the majestic trot of a horse or the possibilities of an unfamiliar path. It is the little things, those simple moments that are the most captivating to me. 

I do not lead an exciting life, but I love every minute of it and wouldn't change a thing. ​My husband is the love of my life, my soul mate and my rock; he puts up with my wacky ideas, pushes me to realize my potential and supports me no matter what. My three kids are each amazing, talented and uniquely gifted with the biggest caring hearts around and they make me laugh on a daily basis. I am truly blessed.

One of the pictures hanging in our home reads: "Whenever you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a field of weeds or a field of wishes." I choose to see a field of wishes. Tomorrows wishes can come true when you believe in yourself and step out of your comfort zone onto a path that may be unfamiliar. Take the first step toward making your wishes come true. You never know if you can succeed until you take a chance at failing. That is living. Although I started Tomorrow's Wishes as a way to express myself, it has quickly grown into something more.

Our youngest daughter Tessa is the inspiration moving us forward. Her heart is full and overflowing with love for those less fortunate, hurting, and in need. When she was in third grade she lost a very close friend to childhood cancer. A friend that was always there to give you a hug, had a permanent smile on her face, a heart so pure and beautiful and a little girl that was strong, incredibly brave and had overcame so much in the short time she lived on this earth. It was hard to make sense of this incredible loss, she had touched so many lives. Tessa was devastated.

Her friends favorite colors were pink and purple, so of course our daughter being as unique as her heart is, went to the funeral with her hair brightly colored pink. It was the only way she knew how to honor her friend, and to a third grader, that was bold. As the parents of said third grader, we were a bit reluctant to let her do it. When I looked into Tessa's eyes, I saw so much hurt, she was trying to make sense of it all, how could I say no.

Oh yes, she received quite a few stares walking into the funeral and as we sat through the celebration of her life. I was never so proud of her, she walked in with her head held high, it wasn't about her it was about her friend.

When we were able to speak our words of sorrow to her family, it was what they said to Tessa that started her down this path. With tears in their eyes, they thanked Tessa for honoring their daughter, they said they loved her hair, and more importantly, they said that their daughter would have loved it. Ever since that moment our daughter has had an urging on her heart to do more. 

So Tomorrow's Wishes transformed...we find inspiration in the little things, we see the beauty that is all around us, and we are trying to do our part to make a difference in the lives that we touch along the way.

Give, be kind to others, and do your part to make a difference in the life of another. 

 ​​If I had one wish...well...I am doing it now.